About LCI

Where Personal Service and Tech Savvy Meet

At LCI Office Solutions, we build relationships.

To us, it’s people that make businesses work.

That’s why we’ve changed our name and our focus from the print-centric LaserCare Inc., to LCI Office Solutions. Our focus is on strategic partnerships. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with comprehensive solutions to real world problems.

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At LCI Office Solutions it’s our customer focus that has always made us stand out from the crowd. We’ve been building on it for nearly three decades as we’ve grown our outstanding team of office solution experts. And how we’ve grown!

Originally, as LaserCare Inc., we served the Managed Print and printing supply world. Today, we’ve broadened our scope, but our core values of exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with our customers haven’t changed.

Today, LCI Office Solutions provides comprehensive solutions to businesses across many industries.

Transition our customers into the paperless world efficiently and seamlessly. We’re a trusted authorized reseller of Square 9 software solutions, and of course, we’re still the premier print and print services provider in our area.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has the industry experience to help you grow

How We Can Help Your Business Grow:

  • We offer a wide array of office solutions
  • We're customer focused – we build relationships and put your needs first
  • We offer flexible solutions customized to meet your specific needs
  • We build strategic partnerships with our customers
  • Our prices are as friendly as our team members!
  • We offer proven experience with over a quarter century of providing office print and technology solutions
  • We're locally owned and veteran owned

When you call – we answer!  Our goals are:

answering on our main line

100% live call


100% live call

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Let us show you how a strategic partnership with LCI Office Solutions can help you to grow your business!