Document management boosts productivity, saves time and money

What is your business’s digital document strategy?

Many businesses expertly leverage some of their digital assets to meet the demands of their operations and, by extension, their customers.

By continuing to use paper documents side by side digital infrastructures, however, they may be falling short.

Typical office employees may spend 15 percent of their day sifting through documents and searching for information.

Along with dragging productivity levels, paper documents are susceptible to security breach.

Relying on paper copies leads to unnecessary manual work, security concerns, and a reduction to productivity.

Other issues from a paper-based operation include:

– Disorganization

– Retrieval challenges

– Lost documents

– Absence of remote accessibility

– Workflow disruption

If any of these issues are recurring within your business, LCI Office Solutions can assist with the transition into a digital-based system that streamlines workflows, gives employees more time to work on vital functions, and solves some of the other wasteful inefficiencies that arise from the business paper trail.

The best part is a digital document strategy is both affordable to implement and will save businesses money moving forward.

What makes it affordable? We can enhance your existing printing technologies.

Productivity will also improve with a digitized environment for all documents, which is also structured for proper accessibility and restrictions.

Your new system will also be easy to use with one-touch applications and MEP technology.

Upgrading and implementing a digital document strategy is also a safe way to ensure regulatory compliance.

Scanning paper documents into an electronic format is a game-changer.

Imagine a workplace where digital workflows are seamless and where documents are more easily and effectively managed by everyone on your team.

LCI Office Solutions can step in and help your business bridge into a fully digital system and create an environment that improves access, boosts collaboration, provides security, and removes time-intensive procedures with paper documents.

We can work together and build a digital system that’s affordable, productivity-friendly, and cost-effective.

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