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We understand the challenges of managing student information in both hardcopy and digital formats, and how complicated a task this can be for school staff and support resources.

Common Challenges

From kindergarten  to postgraduate education, our clients in the education industry face many similar challenges including:

  • Pacing and rolling out technological adoption
  • Enrollment fluctuation
  • Budget cutbacks
  • Security of confidential student data
  • Managing both hardcopy and digital workflows
  • Common workflow bottlenecks

Education Solutions

At LCI Office Solutions we’ve built successful relationships with many of the educators in our community.
We bring high-level printing and support services to our clients in the education community. Whether it’s Managed Print Services, document archiving, or improving your search capabilities – we can help.

Let us help you to determine the current state of your print environment with our free no obligation print assessment.

Our print assessment service provides you with a complete inventory of your current print environment including hardware, user activity and your actual print costs. Our report will provide you with actionable, fact-based insights on your current print environment that you can use to identify opportunities to reduce your costs, reduce waste and streamline document workflows to improve efficiency.


Popular Education Industry Solutions:

We’ve provided our education clients with some impressive solutions and results with our Managed Print solutions. They include:

  • Typical cost reductions in the 30% range
  • Predictable budgeting, better expense controls
  • Improved service, better responsiveness
  • Print and copy reduction strategies
  • Implementation of green strategies and recycling programs
  • Pacing of technology adoption

Why Managed Print for Education?


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