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At LCI Office Solutions we help our healthcare clients improve the quality of care they provide to patients by helping them to manage print-related information effectively.

We help them save money that could be reallocated to more important areas, and improve their staff productivity by installing reliable equipment and providing on-site services that are second to none!

Our Managed Print programs specifically designed for healthcare providers can help to reduce costs while improving staff and caregiver productivity.

Common Challenges

From increased regulatory compliance needs to patient security, today’s healthcare organizations face complex challenges including:

  • Budget cuts
  • Expense controls
  • Reactive ordering of expensive print consumables
  • Security for patient data
  • Transitioning from hardcopy to digital data formats
  • Increased regulatory compliance needs

Healthcare Solutions

Our team of professionals help our healthcare clients to improve the quality of their print environment and document workflows so they can focus on their number one priority: the patient. We can do the same for you!
We’re proud of the relationships we’ve developed through the years with many of the healthcare providers in our community

We provide specific custom-designed solutions to address your organization’s unique needs like streamlining output and improving workflows while ensuring you meet all regulatory compliance and achieve operational excellence.

We’re an authorized reseller of cutting-edge Square 9 SmartSearch software. LCI and Square 9 can help with many aspects of your practice including fast search of patient records, patient admitting, physician credentialing and records management. We can help you to transition from paper records to HIPAA compliant digital document management.


Start by taking our free, no obligation print assessment specifically designed for healthcare organizations. We can help you to identify your facility’s document needs, usage patterns and actual per page costs.

Our print assessment begins by providing you with a complete inventory of your current print environment including equipment, user activity and your actual per-page costs. Our assessment report provides you with fact-based information and insights on your current print environment that you can then use to identify opportunities to reduce waste, lower your costs and streamline your document workflows and improve efficiency.


Popular Healthcare Industry Solutions:

We’ve provided our healthcare clients with many benefits and excellent business outcomes, including:

  • Reduced costs, typically in the 30% range
  • Better budget control and predictability
  • Improved service responsiveness
  • Elimination of unnecessary printing and copying
  • Greener, more sustainable, print strategies and recycling programs

Why Managed Print for Healthcare?


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