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Managed Print Services 101: What You Need to Know.

If you’re a business owner, most likely you’ve heard of Managed Print Services (MPS) before. But do you really understand what it’s about, and what it can do for your business? MPS can help you gain control and visibility of your print infrastructure allowing you to reduce costs and increase productivity. MPS can also improve your environmental sustainability and improve document security. Let’s look at little closer:

Print Management Defined

Managed Print Services addresses the total cost of  managing and optimizing your printers, output, staff and processes that support your print environment. This includes:

  • Page output across your operation including mobile staff
  • Office printers, scanners and high-volume devices
  • IT help desk, technical service, maintenance and additional print-related requests
  • Toner and other consumables and supplies

When you examine your total cost of printing it’s often as much as 15% of your annual expenses. This is your third largest expense right behind rent and payroll! Outsourcing print management to an MPS provider has been shown to reduce costs by as much as 30% almost immediately.

Most Companies Reduce Costs 15 – 30% by Shifting from an Unmanaged to a Managed Print Environment. – Computer Economics

What to Expect From Your Managed Print Services Provider

Managed Print Services is about more than managing printers. The best service providers will help you to streamline processes, and improve productivity and workflows. Your relationship will start with a thorough assessment of your current print environment to determine areas for immediate cost savings, like upgrading inefficient devices and assessing workflows. They will also:

  • Manage, optimize and monitor end-to-end print output
  • Provide an upgrade plan to reduce inefficiencies to better meet your operational needs
  • Proactively solve problems and replenish supplies before productivity is affected
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing waste, optimizing energy efficiency, and implementing recycling programs
  • Provide secure print access for mobile team members
  • Monitor and continuously improve your print infrastructure for additional cost savings
  • Train and assist employees through change management to keep them productive
  • Automate document workflows to improve efficiency

Try our FREE Office Print Savings Calculator to estimate how much you can save with Managed Print Services.

A good MPS provider will offer measurable results. They will manage your print environment seamlessly, freeing your time to focus on growing your business, while improving productivity, streamlining workflows and reducing print costs. Give us a call and let us show you how MPS can benefit your business!

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