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Operating a retail establishment isn’t easy! Surprisingly, most retailers have no idea how many print devices they have, or what they’re actually spending on print-related activities every month.

LCI Office Solutions has created a Managed Print program for our retail clients that can meet the unique needs of your business.

Common Challenges

Our programs are designed to meet specific needs found in the retail industry. We can help you to improve expense visibility and control while supporting your need to communicate both internally and with customers. We also help to reduce waste with our exclusive recycling programs and avoid wasteful printing by streamlining workflows and implementing user restrictions at the store level.

We’ve found that many of our retail clients experience similar challenges including:

  • No user restrictions on print output
  • Decentralized purchasing of print consumables and supplies
  • Poor or limited cost visibility
  • Unpredictable budgeting
  • Reactive ordering of print supplies
  • Lack of waste management and recycling programs
  • Hardcopy and digital bottlenecks

Retail Solutions

With our exclusive Managed Print programs designed to meet the specific needs of retail establishments, you’ll be better able to manage your hardcopy and digital documents.
We take full responsibility for your print environment to free your team to focus on revenue generating tasks. Our programs include hardware, service, supplies and support.

Let us help you to determine the current state of your print environment with our free no obligation print assessment.

Our free, no-obligation print assessment service provides you with a complete inventory of your current print environment including hardware, user activity and your actual per page print costs. Our report will provide you with actionable, fact-based insights on your current print environment that you can use to identify opportunities to significantly lower your costs, reduce waste and streamline document workflows to improve efficiency.


Popular Retail Industry Solutions:

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve developed with the retail organizations in our community and have provided print solutions and positive business outcomes for our retail clients including:

  • Cost savings typically in the 30% range!
  • Improved expense visibility and cost controls
  • Predictable budgets
  • Automated supply ordering to reduce waste
  • Single vendor simplicity and accountability
  • Increased service responsiveness

Why Managed Print for Retail?


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