Understanding Your Print Assessment

When you run a business, your bottom line is what matters most, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where your money goes. One of the hidden costs is in print, with supplies, upkeep, equipment, and employee time all adding up to a significant expense. A print assessment can help you understand your print expenses to guide your decisions in the future.

Equipment Inventory

The first step of a print assessment is to take stock of what equipment you already own, and map it. With this information in hand, you will be prepared to make decisions about device purchasing and deployment of new and existing printers to best serve your company’s needs and improve efficiency.

Device Utilization

To get the most from your print environment, it’s important to understand how each device is being used. A print assessment can help you gain this information, including details such as:

  • Black and white vs. color printing
  • Total print volume
  • Print usage by department or employee

Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of a printer isn’t just in the purchase price of the equipment. Utilization, service and maintenance fees, electric costs, and supplies all contribute to the total cost of ownership for a device. The print assessment will gather the information necessary to make this calculation so you can see exactly where your print budget goes, and make smarter choices about future equipment purchases.


When jobs are not printed efficiently, your employees are spending their time waiting in line, rather than doing their work. By analyzing the current workflow, you can identify problem areas and solutions to improve them.

Environmental Concerns

Many companies are rightfully concerned about their carbon footprint. A print assessment will help you find ways to lower electric costs, reduce paper waste, and properly recycle used supplies. This can save you money and the environment at the same time.

As with any large expense your company faces, understanding what your money is spent on allows you to make better choices to help your business grow. With a professional print assessment, you can get a handle on your current print costs, so you can reduce spending and improve efficiency going forward.

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