Document Management

Improve Your Team’s Productivity and Reduce Your Costs with LCI Office Solutions’ Document Management Services.

Are you managing your documents, or are they managing you?

Mission critical, time sensitive and confidential information needs to be available to the right people, at the right time.

Let LCI make your people more productive by converting manual paper-intensive tasks into automated digital workflows. Our customizable document management solutions make it easy and affordable to help your team to make quicker, more informed decisions that move your business forward.

15% of the Typical Office Worker's Day is Spent Searching for Documents and Information.
Computer Economics
90% of Companies Have Had a Security Breach in the Past Year Related to Hard Copy Documents.
Fortune, 2016


Paper-based information causes manual effort, security concerns & slows productivity

Most companies continue to manage hard copy information in a traditional way because they don’t have a digital document strategy.

The Issues

  • Disorganized filing processes
  • Document retrieval issues
  • Lost documents
  • Lack of remote user access
  • Workflow barriers
  • Document storage space needs
  • Security risks
  • Difficult meeting regulatory compliance challenges

Document Workflow Solutions

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Streamline workflows, improve productivity and reduce costs by transitioning paper-based information into digital workflows.


Use your existing multifunction print (MFP) technology


Implement user access and restriction policies

Easy to Use

One touch scanning with MFP technology

Security Advantages

Store data securely on-site or on the cloud

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid risk


Reduced costs, improved productivity and enhanced data security.

Scanning paper documents into an electronic format creates digital workflows that can be more easily and effectively managed by your team. Digital documents offer improved access, easier editing, sharing and collaboration, and better protects confidential information providing strategic benefits for your organization.


  • Turnkey solutions specifically designed for your organization
  • Real time access to critical information from anywhere at any time
  • Eliminate misplaced documents
  • Flexible document retrieval
  • Centralized electronic file cabinet with secured areas
  • Secure compliance solutions

Benefits of Document Management

Reduce storage needs

Simplify retrieval of documents

Faster and easier search

Control document access and distribution

Improved security

Version control

Disaster response and recovery

Regulatory compliance

Increased employee productivity

Improved customer service

Preservation and protection of intellectual capital

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