Together, we are taking sustainability to new heights

Sustainability is not a term just thrown around.

At LCI Office Solutions, we are fully committed to the environment and the communities we serve.

It’s not just our way of thinking – we partner with like-minded companies because sustainability matters today and for years and decades to come.

With our Zero Landfill Cartridge Recycling program, we can meet the needs of our customers and lower their carbon footprint. It works by eliminating landfill use. When we accept empty cartridges, they must meet a high standard. Those that are not will be broken down and recycled in parts for consumer products. It’s just one way we are managing resources for the future.

Going green doesn’t have to be complex and costly to be effective. Green printing practices and strategies can meet budget and be protective of the environment.

For instance, right now, businesses can make simple changes to use less energy, paper, water, and other resources. At the same time, they will be cutting down on waste and cost.

Some data for your consideration:

-17 percent of printed pages go unused

-100 pounds is how much waste is produced by an average business printer

-70 percent of used cartridges make their way to a landfill

-It takes 1,000 years for cartridges to decompose

These ideas give you a real sense for the negative impact businesses can leave on the environment. You may not know every aspect of the environmental stress left behind by your company’s operations. Our goal is to identify areas where immediate improvement can be made. This includes our landfill program for cartridges.

Our business philosophy and solutions tackle these challenges head-on. With easy-to-practice eco solutions for everyday use, we can build a sustainable and brighter future.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey to greater sustainability by changing the way business is done. To learn more about our programs and services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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