How to reduce costs and improve efficiency of business printing

There’s a riddle about documents: They are black and white and ‘red’ all over.

With an outdated document printing system, some businesses are putting their printing budgets in the red due to overuse and waste.

The challenge facing so many businesses is that printing is overused.

When businesses fail to create an employee paper policy, they lack the capability to monitor usage and costs. Without it, businesses may have to rely on multiple vendors, billing, and other types of printing solutions. Furthermore, a lack of guidance on copying procedures can put a strain on IT support and lead to the improper disposal of printing cartridges.

If your company is ready to overhaul your printing practices, LCI Office Solutions is here to provide a free assessment to identify opportunities.

As part of the assessment, LCI Office Solutions will learn the details of the current printing operation. Using print monitoring software, we will collect crucial data to understand volume and cost of printing within your business.

We’ll look for patterns, security risks, workflow, and supply ordering for a comprehensive evaluation of printing operations. Doing so allows us to get insights that can lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in employee productivity.

LCI Office Solutions can step in and assume management of the organization’s print environment. This includes printer hardware, service, and supply ordering management.

We will also handle professional on-site and remote support to keep your newly designed system running at the speed of your business.

When the burden of managing your print operations is lifted, your business will reap the benefits including lower costs, predictable budget, less down time, and waste reduction. It can also free up valuable business resources, such as IT.

If your business lacks a printing policy, is unsure how many pages are printed every month, or is unable to properly track print-related costs, we can bring clarity to all your printing needs with our Managed Print Services.

LCI Office Solutions that can expertly manage your entire printing operations, from equipment to supplies, for a low monthly fee.

If you’re ready to assess your printing operations and learn more about how efficient it can be, please contact us today to learn more about our free and no-obligation assessment.

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