How MPS Can Help You Go Green (and Save You Some Green!)

Take a walk around your company and pay special attention to printers and copiers. Do you see lots of abandoned hardcopies littering the tables? Stacks of extra paper and toner vulnerable to theft or damage? Desktop printers on every office desk?

All that represents waste – of time, resources and, especially, money:

•The cost of every misused sheet of printed paper can add up.

•Over-purchased material like paper and toner eats away at a budget.

•Older, or obsolete devices use more energy than newer, energy-efficient, models.

Change for the better

Creating a greener print environment can save you money and boost productivity. It all starts with a print assessment of your organization conducted by a Managed Print Services (MPS) representative.

This audit clearly outlines the gaps and redundancies in your print devices and software. You could learn that consolidating your print fleet will not only save material and energy costs, but help employees better manage their documentation. A Managed Print Services provider can help with:

•A cloud-based print fleet – tailored to your needs and budget – fosters online document share/save/store functions that can dramatically reduce the number of hardcopies needed. In other words, a more “paperless” office is possible.

•Employee best-practice training helps eliminate such wasteful, ingrained habits as one-sided, four-color hardcopies when two-sided, grayscale printing works could just as well and saves material.

•A Managed Print Services provider can take the burden of maintenance off your staff, providing just-in-time paper and toner and regularly assessing your devices to lower the risk of downtime.

•A Managed Print Services provider can help implement a recycling program to reduce your environmental footprint.

Start now

Talk to us about a free print assessment – it’s the easy first step to going green (and saving some green!).

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