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Documents Out of Control? Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Efficiency has a direct effect on success and profitability. This holds especially true for print and document management, where documents are used in close to 40 percent of all business practices, and inefficiencies cost businesses more each year than they realize. The good news is that once these issues are addressed savings can begin immediately, but the first step is spotting the warning signs that signal a need for change.

Signs of Inefficient Print and Document Management 

• A multitude of printers. In an environment where printers are scattered throughout the workplace it can be impossible to figure out the cost of printing or track usage. While the purchase of additional equipment may initially save time or reduce backlog in high traffic areas, costs can soon skyrocket as spending for supplies, maintenance, and consumables from a variety of manufacturers goes unchecked.

• Overuse of color. Color printing should be reserved for areas where you will see a return on your investment, such as marketing or sales. A print policy can help define your expectations to prevent waste and save money. Try our free print policy guide to help you get started.

• Unclaimed materials. It’s common in most offices to see prints lying unclaimed in the output tray – not being retrieved immediately, or simply forgotten. In addition to the waste of paper and toner, documents that contain sensitive information may fall in to the wrong hands posing a threat to company security.

• Overworked IT personnel. Between 40 and 60 percent of calls for IT assistance are print-related, wasting valuable time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. The key to relief lies not only in outsourcing printer maintenance but in replacing old, inefficient equipment and streamlining the list of manufacturers to one trusted source.

• Lack of inventory control. A variety of printers from different manufacturers most likely means a variety of different types of cartridges needed. Not only is it hard to keep track of this inventory, once the printer becomes obsolete or breaks down, you may find yourself left with unneeded inventory. And by not streamlining your purchases, you may be missing out on discounts or special incentives.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services 

A proven Managed Print Services provider can offer expert document management solutions that include the optimization and ongoing management of your print infrastructure.

They’ll conduct an initial assessment that takes stock of  your inventory, cost analysis, and detailed usage of print equipment throughout your organization, leading to cost effective solutions to help streamline document processes and reduce costs by up to 30 percent. Contact us today to learn more!

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