The Bottom Line of Document Management

Many offices are finding themselves drowning in paperwork. If this sounds familiar, there is a solution for your company: electronic document management. Using software to automatically process and route documents, you can get your paperwork under control and enjoy other benefits.

15% of the Typical Office Worker’s Day is Spent Searching for Documents and Information. – Computer Economics

Notifications and Alerts

Part of the problem with paperwork is that it can stack up and important tasks may fall by the wayside, buried under other documents. With electronic document management, you can make sure everyone is staying on top of their work with automatic notifications, alerts, and reminders. When a document is scanned it, it goes through automatic processing, which routes it to the appropriate people and notifies them that action is required. As due dates approach, reminders and alerts can be automatically sent, to make sure the jobs get completed.


Throughout the document’s lifespan, it is tracked so you can see where it is, who has worked on it, and what remains to be done. This helps hold everyone accountable for their work, and adds security to your documents. It also makes it easier to produce the necessary data for audits and regulatory compliance.

Availability and Collaboration

When documents are scanned and stored, they are more readily available than their paper counterparts. Everyone who needs to access them can do so at any time, from an authorized computer, which makes collaboration easier. Documents are also easier to find, as they can be searched for using a simple keyword search.

Human Error Reduction

Data entry is sometimes a necessary task, but this process is prone to errors. Electronic document management reduces the need for manual data entry, and thus for human error. Additionally files cannot be misplaced, as they will be automatically routed.

The bottom line of electronic document management is that it will help your bottom line. By reducing errors, making files easier to access, and sending automatic alerts, your company can be more organized and productive, which ultimately boosts your bottom line and helps your business grow.

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